Denise La Grassa's original jazz score serves as a backdrop for conversations about America's troubled history with bigotry and race in The Blues Ain't a Color.  Backed by a trio of musicians in this Jazz-Theater musical, La Grassa mixes powerhouse takes on her original jazz and blues with poignant dialogue delivered by an array of characters. Both funny and heartbreaking, The Blues Ain't A Color uses the power of music to shine a light on how America is dealing with, or not dealing with, racism, fear, compassion, and dignity.

During The Blues Ain't a Color, you'll hear the beautiful but aching jazz ballads Spinning Jenny and Color Is The Difference. You'll hear searing jazz-blues numbers including I've Had It With the Blues and The Blues Ain't a Color. You'll roar along with the bitingly humorous Doggone Blues. And you'll be transported by the show-stopper One More Tear. These songs and other La Grassa originals mix with her hip-hop inflected opening and contemporary conversations about race.

The Blues Ain't a Color debuted at Chicago's Theatre Wit, with follow-up runs at Uncommon Ground, the Jazz Showcase and Elastic Arts in Chicago. 


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