From the recording April Dreams

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Perfect little girl
With treasure tales
For sale
She packed her life away
Locked her up
Got her stuck now she’s paying everyday
She held her dolls and followed clouds
That tripped along the playground
Round she found
Merry little girl with locks and curls
Look into my eyes
I’ll tell you this kind of play is ok
But don’t say we met this way to anyone in your
In your
Perfect little world
Is closing down inside the lock and key I hide
Clicking on the smile
The door is dark he chose and no one ever knows just
Stay here for awhile
Dropping now the dress
Where other girls confessed
Wearing their very best little girl face
Its out of place in this place
Disgraceful is the taste I waste I wanna be home again
With my very best friend
She’s my
Perfect little girl

April 15, 2007
From the collection of Denise
La Grassa’s Favorite Songs
Copyright SRU893-781