1. Deep Down Love

From the recording April Dreams

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Its so hard to know the truth
When you come from a land of lies
I’m digging in my pockets
For my good luck butterfly
Tell me where the tear is
Open up and watch me bleed
Wonder where the care is
Never had a soul to keep
To Keep this deep down love

Jealous eyes that I see through
Makes me wonder, when will you decide
Never telling you the truth
The angels wait for your reply
We’ll love you where the tear is and
Help you to believe
Hear you where the care is
You’ll have a soul to keep
To Keep This Deep Down Love
Free me from the silence
Pull me to the stars
Love let no one ever see
The wounds inside of me

Someone’s telling me the truth
I’ve been waiting for him for all my life
But everyday I want some proof
Like a child’s screaming fears inside
He loves me where the tear is
Helps me to believe
No one ever cared this
Very much for me
I’m Deep in Deep Down Love

November 14, 2007
Denise La Grassa

Copyright SRU893-781
From the collection of Denise
La Grassa’s Favorite Songs