1. Davina's Song

From the recording The Blues Ain't a Color

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My time is Coming
Train it’s a running
A good tune I’m humming
Cause I better be running
Oh my time is coming
My Lord I’m wondering when
When I’m going I’m going and I’m gone

Oh my life’s been a battle
My precious gifts my children
Their laughter filled my kitchen
Kept my drive for livin’
And when my last breath leaves me
They better give my love my freely
Cause when I’m going, they’re alone, and I’m gone

Bridge: They better stand by their dreams, keep their livin’ running clean
Put their best dreams forward
Tell the devil, move over
Be the branches be the tree
Let your sun shine loud and free
And take the time to shake the blues
When the worst comes round your door

Gotta start my packing
I hear the call loud and crackin’
Seems my time’s growing old here
Won’t be happening in this world
Oh my time is coming
And I found out when
When I’m going, I’m going and I’m gone,
Well I’m going, gone…..