The music I’ve recorded for this CD comes from my Jazz-Theater show The Blues Ain’t a Color, and was made possible by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. In this show, and in many other Jazz-Theater shows I’ve performed, I strive to bring the element of jazz improvisation to my theater pieces by blending the two artistic disciplines into one story, creating a space for jazz and theater to meet and form new artistic exchanges.

In my view, Jazz music has lost a connection to “the street.” With Jazz-Theater, I am showing that this music can and should be connected to "the street" in order to give it context.  The video and visual elements in my shows give context to the song, making an emotional connection to story.  Jazz and blues music are connected to human situations and emotions. We are connecting what is happening on the stage to current events. Therefore we are expanding the community relationship to jazz, and in this show blending jazz and blues as community to have shared experiences with the music. The jazz is not distant and difficult to relate to. Rather, It is directly related to social and cultural issues of interest to the audience.  Many of the jazz standards of our time came from the musical theater stage. The Blues Ain’t a Color continues this tradition.

Below is a selection of songs from the Blues Ain't a Color soundtrack.

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