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With the impending release of Denise La Grassa’s 9-song album Sundown Rising, it’s easy now to look back on how poem-songs she wrote as a wee child foreshadowed a late-blooming full-time music career. Those songs were just a warm-up for the spunky 5-year-old, who went door-to-door in her suburban Chicago neighborhood offering to sing and sell them to neighbors – right on their doorstep - for 25 cents apiece. Artist? Check. Entrepreneur? Check.

Today, Denise La Grassa is more creative than ever, and just as audacious. As she prepares to release Sundown Rising, the bluesy follow-up to her 2023 album The Flame, Denise shows no signs of slowing down from her 2022 transition to full-time songwriting and performance. That followed the closing of the 157-year-old private college where she led and revitalized the music program, a pivot she christened her ‘North of 40’ journey. As in, ‘can a woman … say North of 40 … follow her dream of returning to Europe to perform with her new band and new, bluesy sound?’