1. Best Day

From the recording April Dreams

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I had the best day today
I had the worst day today
It’s all about tears and fears in this life
It’s all about waiting and wondering
Why we laugh why we cry
Why we die
I felt the touch of your hand
All through the waves and the sands
Your kingdom’s forever and ever amen
Someday you’ll tell me why
Why we laugh why we cry
Why we
Love I should have held it in
To give a heart again
Will only break again
Song is slowly coming in
Make it right again
Here we go my friend
Here we go

This kind of day I have dreamed
And two in one we will be
I’ve waited forever and ever to see
How joy it can happen
Happen to be my time to laugh time to cry
Time to Rise
I had the Best day

Denise La Grassa
August 17th, 2006
From the collection of Denise
La Grassa’s Favorite Songs
Copyright SRU893-781