North of 40, ep. 5 | First Show With New Band

The "North of 40" journey continued last Friday at Phyllis’ Musical Inn in Chicago with an affirmation. As passionate as I am to document the dream of this “North of 40” woman hoping to return to Europe with the new band and sound, it’s scary. First because It’s going to be a long road, especially for someone my age. Second, because I’m sharing this journey and have committed to putting it on film for the world to see.   


So, I asked God before the show for a  thumbs up or thumbs down if I should continue down this path.  And if nothing happened, it was God’s sign: Girl, move on.  

Well. It snowed like crazy in Chicago last Friday, so travel and parking near Phyllis’ was difficult. It was the first real gig with the new band and sound. And  I haven’t played Phyllis’ in decades, a place where I’m working on re-building a fan base. My hopes were not high.  

After the show with a very supportive crowd, Megan, who had been listening closely all night said “I just wanted to say what you’re doing tonight is great. You guys sound like Tedeschi-Trucks.” Affirmation. Two other guys in this 30-something crowd dug the original songs and the band. And before a former bandmate left - an old friend who had popped in to hear the new songs - said “this is more authentically you. Keep doing what you’re doing.” Alex, my sound guy said, “the stars appear to be aligning.” The thumbs up I was looking for.  

So, the dream continues. Soon you’ll see the live video we shot with Nap House Studios. Sliding in stage right, I’ll roll out the newest dynamic in the band, which promises to add a whole lotta soul to the vibe.  

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Thanks for stopping by. More to come soon.  


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