North of 40 ep. 19 | Sundown Rising Preview

June 28 is when Sundown Rising is available everywhere. It has been such a joy to write, record, and produce this album.  From the incredible musicians who brought their passion (looking at you John Kregor, Steven C. Manns, Mike Gee, and Stephen Ryan) to special guests Pierre Lacocque and Anne Harris who brought the spice, to the Nunn Sisters (Aprelle Mitchell-Smith, Iris Nunn, Tecara Parker, and Dahlia Manns) who brought this song to new heights, to studio engineer Andrew Ryan at Narwhal Studios in Chicago who made the entire album “pop,” I could not be happier.  

Here's a super quick peek on how one of the songs, the gospel tinged “Hope in Love” began to flesh out in the studio. 

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